The dil of India, beating with politics, administration and history. A booming urban culture amid and reminders of a grand past. Find a little bit of every part of India in this city.

A city that has moved forward with the rest of the world while having its roots firmly planted deep into the past. Home of the capital of India, Delhi is the fusion of eight former capitals under different rulers of India.

The centre of Indian politics and now a throbbing metropolis, Delhi has all you're looking for - flamboyant restaurants and nightclubs, haute couture boulevards, upmarket shopping malls, polo grounds, imperial gardens and much, much more.

The historic architecture of Delhi is one of its main tourist attractions. The majestic Red Fort, the towering Qutub Minar, the unique Jama Masjid and the Rashtrapati Bhavan are some of the most popular monuments visited by tourists.

However, it is along the wayside, within bazaars and at almost every curve in Delhi, that there are fascinating ruins of tombs, palaces and mosques, unnamed and unmarked waiting to be explored.

Location Northern India, bordered by the states of Haryana and Uttar Pradesh.

Climate The summers are hot and dry with the temperatures ranging between 25°C and 44°C. The winters are cold and the temperature ranges between 2°C and 16°C.

When to go
October to March.

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