Jewellery is traditionally heavy and elaborate. Indian silverwork is world famous. Gems include diamonds, lapis lazuli, Indian star rubies, star sapphires, moonstones and aquamarines. As we mention about jewellery, the first name comes to our mind is Jaipur. The narrow streets of Johari Bazar of this beautiful city are world famous for their silver, precious and semi-precious stone jewellery.

In addition, the pearl city of Hyderabad offers a large variety of alluring designs of small, medium and large pearl studded ornaments and the dazzling diamond jewellery of Mumbai. Precious Stones: India is the home of the nameless precious and semi precious stones like mother of pearl, diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires, lapis lazuli, aquamarines, amethysts and others. The process of transforming a rough stone into a shapely object needs great skill in which Indian artisans are adapted to the core. Ideal destination to shop: Kashmir, Rajasthan and Mumbai.

JEWELLERY IN INDIA Costume Jewellery : India is one of the most important countries for the manufacture and export of costume jewellery. It has the largest production base for glass beads. Ideal destination to shop: Varanasi, Purdilpur and Mathura for glass bead, stringing glass and wooden beads necklaces, Mathura for wooden beads in necklaces together with rudraksha and tulsi, Ferozabad is rich in lightweight beads, German Jewellery is made in Agra, Meerut for metal jewellery, silver ornaments are produced in Rajasthan and Haryana, Rohtak for peasant jewellery and head ornaments in Maharashtra.

Tribal Jewellery: This tribal jewellery is famous within the country as well as abroad. The adornment fashioned from flowers, leaves, stones of creepers and fruits are unbelievably charming, shells, seeds and berries rudraksha being, and the most celebrated. Shell bracelets of W. Bengal, specially filigreed gold bracelets will capture your heart. Ideal destinations to shop: Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra Kerala, Assam, Madhya Pradesh, and West Bengal.

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