PushkarRajasthan is at its colorful best during its fairs and festivals. One of the most popular and colorful fairs of the Thar desert fairs, Pushkar Fair, popularly known as Pushkar ka Mela, is the world's largest camel fair held in the holy town of Pushkar in Rajasthan. Pushkar Fair is undoubtedly the world's largest camel fair and it also makes it world's largest cattle fair in general.

Pushkar has the only temple of Lord Brahma in the country. According to the myths, Lord Brahma was on his way to search for a suitable place to perform a 'Yagna' (a fire sacrifice) while contemplating, a lotus fell from his hand on the earth and water sprouted from that place. One of them was Pushkar where Lord Brahma performed "Yagna". The holy lake has 52 ghats and pilgrim taking a ritual dip in the lake is a common sight.

Time to Visit
Pushkar Fair is held each year during the months of October-November. It begins on Kartik Shukla Ekadashi and goes on for five days till Kartik Poornima. The time of the fair coincides with the bright half of the moon. Although a serene town, Pushkar bustles with life during the joyous celebration held on Kartik Poornima, It is the time when Hindu devotees come here to take a holy dip in the holy waters of the sacred Pushkar Lake, to wash away their sins. At this time of the year the Pushkar town of Rajasthan becomes vibrant with colors and sound all around.

Activities during Pushkar Fair

Cattle Trading
Pushkar FairThe Pushkar fair is synonymous to the cattle fair. So there are camels, horses, cows, goats, and sheep; all decked up to be sold and purchased. The proud cattle owners throng Pushkar, traveling across the golden sands of the various places in Rajasthan. There is bargaining, presence of several popular breeds and the parading of the well bred, highly decorated cattle. As is believed about Pushkar Fair is the world’s largest camel fair.

The most striking feature of Pushkar Fair is the cattle competition. Imagine the entire limelight on beautifully decorated cattle when they race their ways into the audiences’ heart or the manner in which they play musical chairs.
The Pushkar Fair watches the best-bedecked camel in parade winning the beauty contest. But the most hilarious competition of all makes large numbers of people sit on the camels back and usually fall down! Of course! The camel that accommodates the maximum number of people on its back wins the competition. The "Matka Phod", "Moustache", "Bridal Competition" and “Puppet Shows” are the other attractions of this fair which attract thousands of tourists.

Stalls & Shopping
During the Pushkar Fair, traders gather here and set up shops. They sell a lot of products like woolen blankets of Merta, bead necklaces of Nagaur, textiles printed in Ajmer and Jodhpur, brassware of Jodhpur and Jaipur etc. Saddles, ropes, and assorted household items are also on sale. That is not the end of fashion at the Pushkar Fair; there are beautiful body tattoos that you can get made as per your choice. Also there are stalls of mouth-watering traditional delicacies. Colorfully attired village folk enhance the fun of the occasion.

Why Visit the Pushkar Fair

It is regarded as world’s largest Camel Fair.
The only Brahma Temple in the world.
Holy Pushkar Lake with 52 ghats surrounding it.
Pushkar offers around 400 temples to see.
One can participate in numerous cultural activities.
Ethnic shopping items from all over Rajasthan on sale.
Rare combination of religious fervour and cultural vibrancy in Rajasthan.

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