The Hill Fort Kesroli - Alwar

The 14th century Hill-Fort, Kesroli is the oldest heritage site in India where you can stay. Sited atop the rare, dark Hornstone Breccia rocks, it commands splendid agrarian views from its ramparts which rise to 50-65 meters/ 150-200 feet. Kesroli makes an ideal base to visit the neighbouring palaces, museums and sanctuaries of Alwar & Sariska.The origins of the seven-turreted Hill-Fort Kesroli are traced back to over six centuries. It is reputed to have been built by the Yaduvanshi Rajputs, descendants of Lord Krishna, who converted to Islam in the mid-14th century to be called Khanzadas.It subsequently changed hands, being conquered by the Mughals and the Jats before reverting to the Rajputs in 1775 when the princely state of Alwar was founded. It saw its golden period under the Ranawat Thakur Bhawani Singh (1882-1934), renowned for his equestrian skills.

Location and Sight Seeing
Located in the heart of the 'golden triangle'. Kesroli is almost equidistant from the tourist sites of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur.It makes an ideal base to visit the Sariska tiger sanctuary, Kankwadi fort, Neelkanth Temples, Pandupol, the monuments of Tijara, Siliserh Lake, Jaisamand Lake,Bhangarh-Ajabgarh, the hot springs in Talvriksh, Rajgarh, Machari, Viratnagar, Deeg, the sanctuary in Bharatpur, the Jat mud fort of Govindgarh,the ancient city of Mathura and its renowned museum.The Hill Fort,Hill Fort Kesroli,Hill Fort Hotel,Hill Fort Hotel in Kesroli,Kesroli Hill Fort Hotel,Hill Fort Hotel in Kesroli Rajasthan,Rajasthan Hill Fort Hotel in Kesroli

Activities Within Fort Walls
Games: Playing cards, Chess, Carrom board Treasure Hunt, Musical Chair
Library: Book reading

Outside Fort Walls
Visit to Sariska Tiger Sanctuary (48 kms)
Visit to Alwar city (15 kms)
Visit to the Siliserh lake (25 kms) for boating during morning & evening.
Visit to Kankwadi Fort, Neelkanth Temple, Pandupol, the monuments of Tijara, Jaisamand Lake, Bhangarh-Ajabgarh, and the hot springs in Talvriksh.

Autumn/Winter/Spring : October to April. Max. 31oC, Min. 11oC
Summer : May & June Max. 42oC, Min 25oC
Monsoon : July to September Max. 35oC, Min 22oC

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