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Traveling in India for the physically challenged is not easy. India is slowly gearing up for making provisions for the physically handicapped or wheel chair bound traveler. Our Personal experience of over a decade in serving guests from throughout the world has given us the much required confidence. In these years we have realized that people with special needs, are to be catered in a very special manner. Their needs are very special and to fulfill their needs and cater to the demands is a challenge to all. We have organized very special holidays for these very special people in India. For handicapped people travel and vacations can involve a lot of advance planning in order to ensure both their means of transport and accommodations are easily accessible to them. Disabled Travelers are suggested to hire a private vehicle with a driver in order to avoid any transport related problems. This also helps when mobility is a problem for these people.

Welcome Cabs & Buses Operators Pvt.Ltd. has successfully handled adventures for wheelchair travelers, small groups and slow walkers. Our personally escorted tours reflect a particular fondness for continued learning and cultural intrigue. Our experience and commitment to specialty travel allows us to design travel programs that harmonize unique needs and individual capabilities.

1. As regards to their travel within the city we have our own fleet of transport. Our chauffeurs are very well trained and professionals. Along with them our ground staff would ensure that their rides are very smooth at all places wherever they visit. If the numbers of travelers are more than five then we can also convert our existing fleet of cars/coaches to cater the needs of their comfortable travel in India.
2. We have formulated some special travel programs that cover some tourist destinations in a very relaxed way. During the travel in these tourist places we have not only tried to show them the attractions but also tried to show and experience them the local hospitality. Not only the normal sightseeing at these places, we have also introduced a very special element Body Therapies at Local Spas for them, that would make them feel more relaxed and active to take on their tour in very high spirits.
3. We have dedicated staff, personal assistants, nurses & doctors, at all major cities who can professionally handle the travel and other needs of these travelers.
4. For accommodations, we have very carefully selected hotels in all categories that cater to these kinds of special travelers. Apart from the hotel staff, our ground handlers would be present 24x7 at these places to make their stay comfortable.

To all the handicapped and disabled, if you are as passionate about travel and feel you can take it on; allow us to help you explore this world of opportunity and fulfillment. With some care & attentions, India is a Destination where you can enjoy it to the fullest without spending good amount of money.

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